Mandarin Chinese 繁中

Tom’s truck center 從1949年起服務大眾至今,從一開始的托車服務到現在全方位的中型商用卡車銷售,代理及維修,客戶遍布整個美西及夏威夷。目前主要代理Isuzu, Hino及Mitsubishi Fuso中型商用卡車,專精客製。每年也銷售及TRADE-IN上百輛的各牌一手或二手車。新車部分我們有超過三百輛的現貨,歡迎隨時洽詢。
如果您需要一家有信譽,原廠授權,服務仔細的卡車代理商,現在就請撥電話給TOM’S TRUCK CENTER朱800-638-1015,謝謝!

Tom’s Truck Center has many years of experience serving the Chinese community, whether it’s food delivery, refrigerated, or dry freight trucks. We know the special needs of the Asian food industry’s demand on special refrigerated trucks, for example fresh noodles or tofu. For light electronics, shoes or other accessories, we offer high cube boxed trucks to get your products to your customers more efficiently while being cost effective. Tom’s is dedicated to customer service and finding you the right truck for your business. If you like a trustworthy, factory authorized, detailed oriented truck dealer, you have found the right place. Please call us today at 800-638-1015 and let us help you grow your business! Thank you!

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