Telematics is Changing the Trucking Industry

Telematics is the convergence of telecommunications and information processing. In the truck industry that means providing a wide range of information to make a company’s deliveries more efficient, provide safer trucks, reduce maintenance costs and improve safety. Just some of the KPIs available with these systems include: • Fuel efficiency • Idle time • Total …Read More

Spartan Motors, Isuzu, GM celebrate start of new partnership

Spartan Motors hosted General Motors and Isuzu Commercial Truck of America executives Wednesday as the three businesses celebrated the first new Chevrolet medium-duty, gasoline-powered trucks to roll off the production line at the Spartan Motors plant in Charlotte, Mich. The new Chevrolet 3500, 3500HD, 4500, 4500HD, 4500XD, 5500HD and 5500XD truck line is the result …Read More

The Isuzu FTR Is Back!

“This truck represents our vision of the future of the medium-duty truck industry,” said Shaun Skinner, executive vice president and general manager of Isuzu Commercial Truck of America. “As the adult population grows and as people move to urban centers, there will be an increasing need for delivery trucks that can carry a lot of …Read More